Logistics and distribution are at the core of the business; shipping raw materials to where they can be refined or processed and then used, or transported to areas where there is a deficit. For oil, this means shipping crude in large tankers to refineries, and then shipping the refined product to where it is consumed. We both owns and charters ships to deliver petrochemical products, as well as coal, bitumen, chemicals and other.

Transporting petrochemicals

Our shipping teams organize the transportation of pterochemicals from production areas to major consumer hubs. They select and charter the safest vessels to ensure that cargo is shipped in the most timely, cost-effective way and, naturally, under optimal safety conditions.

Grow Together

Sonera Group is proud to build long-term relationships with clients that prioritise trust, accountability, and discretion. Over time, we strive to preserve, protect, and grow our clients’ businesses through the inherently changing market.

Client Focused

we recognise that each client has unique requirements that demand an individualised approach. With tremendous expertise in a wide number of industry sectors, we emphasize communication in order to provide tailored and innovative solutions.


We strongly believe that the quality of our company lies in the quality of our employees. Working for Sonera Group means working for a company that has committed itself in investing in its people. Below you'll find an overview of our vacancies. Don't hesitate and contact us.

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Our Values

Sonera Group enjoys an excellent track record and growing list of repeat customers, which we believe is proof that we are meeting our goal to provide a highly individual yet professional service. We have earned a much valued position of trusted advisor to many of our clients.

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